About bEE BOSTIN’™

bEE bOSTIN’™ is a boutique fashion apparel company based in the Midlands. We want you to feel amazing wearing our products, which are sustainable and eco-friendly. A BOSTIN’ piece of clothing can make you feel great and that’s what we want you to feel wearing our garments.

You’re probably wondering why Bee and what “Bostin” mean!

The Bee–Bees are just amazing they’re critical to our environment and vital to pretty much anything and that’s why we love bees. So our BOSTIN’ BEE takes provide of place, it also gives a nod wearing a Shelby Cap to Birmingham.

Bostin’ is a term used up here in Birmingham it means:

“brilliant; fantastic; excellent; derived from the Anglo-Saxon ‘bosten’, meaning ‘something to boast about’ and now used almost exclusively in the Greater Birmingham area of the UK”

bEE BOSTIN’™, Feel Amazing, BEE amazing…


We make every effort to help support the planet. That's why we source Sustainable garments.

Certified Organic Cotton breathable, biodegradable fibre No virgin materials. Just recycled bottles