Sustainable Fashion: Why it is Time to Make the Switch

“We only have one earth; let’s take care of it.” You will hear many environmentalists say this, but the number of people growing conscious of how we treat the earth is expanding. More people are considering the impact specific industries are having on the planet and what they can do to help make even the slightest difference. One great way is to swap where you shop. Some businesses, including fashion brands, sell the same products you love but are more sustainable. If you have been considering making the switch, but are still unsure if it is worth it, let this blog show you otherwise.

It Requires Less Water

It may seem like there is a lot of water in the world when you see all the lakes, rivers, and seas, but in fast fashion, it can take as much as 2,700 litres to make just one t-shirt. Multiple that by the thousands they produce of that one style and a lot of water has been used on one just design. Sustainable fashion will use little to no water in production due to the materials they pick – linen, hemp, and recycled fibres, for instance, are all popular options. Even switching from cotton to organic cotton means they use as much as 95% less water.

Saves Natural Resources and Animals

Natural resources are in limited supply, and despite recycled materials being available, 97% of new resources are used by fashion brands. On the other hand, sustainable businesses make the most of recycled materials and follow the 5Rs. This ensures their processes don’t require new resources. In addition to doing this, they preserve the safety of more animals. Compared to other fashion businesses, sustainable-run ones will ensure they find alternative ways to make fabric rather than animals. Recycling materials and using leaves or plant-based materials all ensure the safety of animals.

The Quality is There

You may be able to buy multiple cheap t-shirts for the same price as one sustainable t-shirt, but when they break, lose their shape or colour, or degrades, chances are you will throw these away, especially if it is not in good condition. All of this waste starts to add up. Sustainable fashion focuses on quality – they don’t just use materials that are kind to the earth but ones made to last. You can reduce your waste and save money in the long term when you shop sustainably. 

You Would Be Supporting Safer Working Conditions

Sustainable fashion also considers the working conditions to make it fair and safe. This means you don’t have to worry about child labour or people working long hours for little pay. Your money would ensure that you are helping other people’s lives rather than making them struggle or suffer by shopping for ethical and sustainable products.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Using Other Sustainable Products

Buying and using sustainable products is a small step in the right direction. These small steps can make a massive difference for the planet and those who live on it. So don’t just switch your fashion shopping choices. Think about other swaps you can make for more sustainable products, including toothbrushes, pet accessories, tech, reusable food bags, water bottles, and cleaning cloths. The list could go on, and it will make a difference in ensuring that the earth is safe for future generations.


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